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Find helpful and practical ideas to improve the way you cook. Simple considerations that make a big difference in your recipes.  Learn how to optimize time, effort and resources in the kitchen to make your life easier.

HOW TO’S……..?

Check the answers to the questions below on the infographics:

  1. How to select apples for cooking?

  2. How to peel a garlic clove easily?

  3. How to reduce the stress of cooking every day and reduce my electricity bill?

  4. How to cook a delicious quinoa – a perfect substitute for rice?

  5. How to select the best type of fish for cooking? What kind of fish should I get? 

To get the best results when cooking or baking with apples, you need to be able to select the right type.


Apple Varieties - Pinterest


How to Peel a Garlic Clove Easily- Infographic edited


Benefits of using a crockpot



Best Types of Fish to Eat