Brahms The Boy 2 Review

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Brahms The Boy 2 Review. 25 stars click to give your ratingreviewBesides some jump scares and the sporadic unsettling. The Boy II is chiefly scary for the way it undermines the effectiveness of its above-average predecessor.


The Boy II Review. 15 The Shameless Plugs. The Boy 2 retcons the events of the previous film and instead replaces them with a very dull rehash of several creepy doll movie clich├ęs which fail to generate any scares or moments of interest with characters who do stupid things because if they were smart then this movie would have been over before it began adding up to a rather trying waste of time thats as lifeless as the central.

Which is truly painful to write because The Boy the first movie actually made.

Tapi twist tersebut menjelaskan kenapa bonek Brahms bisa kembali lagi ke bentuk semulanya. Full Review Page 1 of 3. The Boy was a decent horror movie from 2016 that mostly stuck with me because of an enjoyable plot twist in the third act. One of the more positive reviews found a few minor things to praise.