21s Workout Dumbbells

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21s Workout Dumbbells. Since the lever arm is the longest in this exercise when the humerus is parallel to the floor the isometric is performed in that position. In this sample session 21s are done only on lying dumbbell extensions and barbell curls.

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Ad Find Your Strength Summer Steal For One Week Only. How To Do 21s With The EZ Bar applies to barbelldumbbells too Begin by standing straight upright and grabbing an EZ bar using an underhand grip. Top half of the exercise 7 reps per set.

Unbroken Dumbbell Hang Snatch.

Dumbbell Floor Triceps Extension. For the first seven reps go from the bottom of the movement up to the. Top half of the exercise 7 reps per set. Dumbbell Floor Triceps Extension.