20.3 Scaled Workout

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20.3 Scaled Workout. The first part is popular CrossFit WOD Diane 21-15-9 of Deadlifts and HSPU and the second part is like Diane on steroids 21-15-9 of heavy deadlifts and 50-ft handstand walk in each round. CrossFit Open Workout 203.

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Go the athlete may perform 21 deadlifts then move to the wall for 21 handstand push-ups then complete 15 deadlifts and 15 handstand push-ups then 9 deadlifts and 9 handstand push-ups. What is the CrossFit Games Open 203 workout. The 2020 CrossFit Open season has been hard on a lot of people.

But if the load is 85 percent and there are 25 reps per round you may need to scale so that you can perform each movement with perfect technique and get the most out of the workout.

WORKOUT 203 WORKOUT VARIATIONS For time. CrossFit Open workout 203 scaled ages 16-54 For time. What is the CrossFit Games Open 203 workout. CrossFit Open Workout 203.