2 Different Color Nails On Each Hand

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2 Different Color Nails On Each Hand. With that being said I was hesitant to. This fuss free yet punky look is forecasted to be big this year.

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I used to alternate two colors. Enjoy what you wanna do. My husbands hands are a different color on his palms and the pigment in his skin has darkened he looks like he just came back from the carribean all yr round.

Like on my left hand from thumb to little finger purple yellow purple yellow purple.

He also has Raynauds which when his hands get cold or hes under a lot of stress they turn stark white and purple. Ah the famous Accent nail. So therefore people or girls apply nail paint or nail polish just on their ringer finger. With celebrities like Beyoncé Rihanna and Vanessa Hudgens rocking this daring style Im sure its one thats going to stick for a while.