1960s Hairstyles For Long Hair

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1960s Hairstyles For Long Hair. This multi-layered hairstyle was created by celebrity hairdresser Louis Alexandre Raimon in the early 1960s. Most of the hairstyles were bouffant but there are some other varieties as wellWomen of 1960s had the choice of wearing hairstyles for different lengths with straight and curly hair.

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The middle has a bit more windblown yet perfectly styled look. The top layer is significantly shorter than the rest of the hair and a bit messed out. This image is for personal use only.

In the 1960s Paul McCartney wore one of the most iconic hairstyles from the era the mullet.

It is a long hairstyle usually with no layers other than the top layer. We do not intend to display copyrighted images. This image is for personal use only. The Bouffant hairstyles were and still are known as those big hairstyles and those hairstyles required that the hair had to be expanded out from the womens head and that had be achieved using very large size of rollers.