1890s Mens Hairstyles

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1890s Mens Hairstyles. A centre parting running from forehead to nape was fashionable in the 1870s but there was considerable individual choice in the way the hair was combed -- parted slightly off-centre at the side or brushed straight back. The Royalist Cavalier style was characterized by shoulder length hair.

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Lounge suits continued to trend well into the 1890s with trousers sporting creases down the front. Shirt collars were still worn high and starched with tips turned down into wings during the earlier part of the 1890s. This article is from The Delineator 1894 The following article was written in 1894 and shows in great detail how to create a hairstyle of the period and shows how to twist the psyche-knot.

Men of an intellectual or philosophical bent were painted wearing banyans with their own hair or a soft cap rather than a wig.

See more ideas about victorian hairstyles vintage hairstyles historical hairstyles. Wave the hair and shape bangs. But as the US entered into the Civil War facial hair quickly became a symbol of masculinity and power. The late 1890s returned to tighter sleeves often with small puffs or ruffles capping the shoulder but fitted to the wrist.