1000 Rep Arm Workout Bodybuilding

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1000 Rep Arm Workout Bodybuilding. Preacher Curl 5 sets x 20 reps Triceps 2. Can Matt Krocs 1000 rep arm workout theory be also applied to other muscles such as legs back.

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Ad How To Improve Your Strength Flexibility. Every set should be performed until failure but within the recommended repetition range. Use 5-second negatives on every rep.

Basically pick an exercise and just CRANK out the reps.

140 for 10 100 for 20 80 for 30 and 60 for 40. This sure sounds like an oxymoron. And for growth 1000 reps would be pretty much useless even as a shock. Triceps Pressdown 5 sets x 20 reps.