1 Hour Swim Workout Triathlon

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1 Hour Swim Workout Triathlon. Propulsion and Power Swim Warm-up. After a few minutes of warm-up in the pool swim 500 yards nonstop and take note of your time.

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Wrap it up with 200 easy swimming to cool down. 31 minute hard and controlled in a big gear 60 seconds rests 4 minutes easy spinning 3x30secs at maximum effort 30 seconds rests. The average time you hit per 100 will equal your Ironman time in a wetsuit.

This workout from leading triathlon swimming coach Gerry.

1500 Yard Triathlon Workout 2 Warm-up 300 swim 100 kick 100 swim 500 yards 16 x 50s swim with 10 seconds rest in between 800 yards. Bike 1 hour as. Claire Duncan January 13 2016 Triathletes who are pressed for time can still fit in some extra workouts in the week by taking advantage of small windows of free time such as the lunch hour. 1 Mile Swim Workout 75.